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What curriculum do you use?

Thrive will be using the following curriculum for the 2024-2025 school year:

History- Story of the World, volume 4

Science- Elemental Science, Chemistry for the Grammar and Logic Stages

Literature- Historical fiction from the time period we are studying in History

Art- Meet the Master, artists from the 1800s-current

What is your educational philosophy? At Thrive, all of our lessons are created with a focus on building a sense of community and belonging for our students. We call our program style, Classical Remixed. This is because we incorporate the 4 year learning cycle of a classical model in History and Science, but we also add our own components to the program, including project based learning, a focus on literature, and group work. 

What does a typical day at Thrive look like? Our day at Thrive incorporates 4 learning periods, 2 recesses and a lunch time. We meet from 9am-2pm and learning periods are 50 minutes in duration. Each learning period is followed by either recess or lunch break, giving our students an opportunity to incorporate movement into their schedule. 

Are parents welcome to stay? Thrive is a drop off program, but parents are welcome to stay if preferred. We ask that any parents planning to stay on a regular basis complete a background check to ensure the safety of our students.

What are the qualifications of your teachers? All of our teachers hold a degree from a university, and have a background in education. Many of our teachers hold teaching certifications. Thrive looks for teachers who have positive and encouraging dispositions, with a desire to make a difference in the lives of students. Our teachers go through rigorous training in our model and ethos, and participate in regular staff trainings to ensure compliance with the Thrive model of learning.

What is the cost of the program? Thrive tuition is $2300 per school year, broken into payments of $230 per month for 10 months. For families enrolling after the start date, tuition will be prorated based on the first day of attendance. We have a non refundable Registration fee of $75 to enroll, and a one time Supply Fee of $75, which covers all curriculum and supplies for the school year.

What about special needs? Thrive is an inclusive environment, and many students wth special needs do well in our program. Our students are grouped in grade ranges, and our method of instruction takes a hands on interactive approach. Thrive does not provide paraprofessionals, so if your child needs a 1:1 aide, we ask that you stay with your child for the duration of the program.