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Two Day Program in Arizona

Thrive offers a one or two day program for students. Attending one day per week would be considered a supplemental dive into academic content in History, Science, Literature and Art and would augment what students are learning in their homeschooling studies at home.

For families wanting a more comprehensive program that covers a full curriculum in History, Science and Art, we suggest attending Thrive two days per week. Students who attend Thrive twice per week will only need to cover Language Arts, Math and any other desired subjects at home on the days they are not at Thrive. 

Our locations are labeled as Track A and Track B. Families intersted in attending twice per week would need to choose a Track A and Track B location to ensure that they are receiving the full content. Below is a list of Track A and B locations:

Track A

Surprise, AZ

Peoria Monday

Anthem Thurs

Prescott Valley Tues

Chandler Tues



Green Valley

Track B


Peoria Friday

Peoria Thursday

Arrowhead Wed

Anthem Friday

Prescott Valley Thurs

Gilbert Wed

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kim Phillips at